Zanderian Prince Simulator 2020
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Zanderian Prince Simulator 2020

You are a proud servant of the glorious People's Republic of Zanderia, and have just started a new job in the illustrious Ministry of Finance as a Finance Officer! Your job is simple, you must ‘convince’ the foolish citizens of other nations to donate to the glorious Treasury of Zanderia. To do this you are equipped with the highest technological equipment the People’s Republic has to offer : the highly advanced Zanderian Personal Computing Engine. The ZPCE is equipped with:

  • One whole whopping kilobyte of memory
  • Fully Zanderiaweb connected Banking Application
  • Robust Mailing Application
  • Beautifully crafted Notepad Application.

On your first day at the Ministry of Finance, you are given a quota of funds to reach and a full list of possible contacts you may email using your ZPCE, so what are you waiting for, get to work!

The game is run all in an embedded web browser using p5js for visual aspects, all emails sent are processed by a highly ‘advanced’ AI that rewards Ministry of Finance Officers who’s emails are the most convincing. The money you receive from each contact is based on your use of buzzwords (rich,urgent,very,prince,reward,etc...) and by your similarity to actual phishing scams which we have analyzed. You have a full workday (8 minutes) to reach your quota of funds for the day. If you don’t reach your quota for the day be warned, you will be IMMEDIATELY terminated. Transfers from 'clients' are proportional to how convincing you are, so be creative!

We will be doing small tuning updates tomorrow please leave feedback!

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*Proudly made by Jie Chen, Dakota Madden-Fong, Nico Graves, and Thanh Tran.

NOTE: Please play the game in fullscreen for the best experience press the OPEN IN NEW TAB button in the top right.

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timmy_i_chen (1087)

So creative. I love this.