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Zooooom_Car!!! 🏎
Bookie0 (3285)

Hey guys what’s up?

the sky!

(sorry I know lame joke couldn’t resist!)

OK next......

So school’s almost out, and summer break is very near. For some lucky people, they are already out!

Many of y’all have probably used Zoom for online school. And Zoom classes are very annoying. (Online school can cha cha real smooth off a cliff and die)

So I made this little ASCII animation of a car that goes, well, zoooom! 🏎

Hope you guys enjoy!

Comments, tips, suggestions, anecdotes, birthdays, jokes, memories, random blah blah stuff, etc. Feel free to comment down below!!!

And as usual, remember that Upvoting is Caring!!! 😊 😃 🙏

Have a great wonderful good splendid day!

Ps: full screen is recommended ;)

lightningrock (51)

How do you make python animations? I've been trying but it never worked.

studentAlfredAl (451)

The way I did my animation (not python) was by printing it out frame by frame and have a small amount of time between each frame
That's one way to do it but I'm not sure how Bookie0 did it. It's good, though :) @Bookie0 @lightningrock

DannyIsCoding (523)

It's called zoom because that's how fast your personal information gets stolen. jk
Nice animation XD

eattaco3000 (0)

ok that is really bad for the driver!!

generationXcode (162)

Ahh its at 42. I dont want to destroy that number

generationXcode (162)

@Bookie0 answer to life the universe and everything

generationXcode (162)

@Bookie0 from hitchikers guide to the galaxy

HahaYes (1052)

is splendid a thing you put in your coffee? Take 2

dabs364 (122)

import time, sys, curses, os
from time import sleep
import sys,os,time,random
from time import sleep

HahaYes (1052)

Isn't splendid a sugar thing you put in your coffee - @HahaYes

Bookie0 (3285)

Why did you comment to urself? Lol @HahaYes

AbhayBhat (256)

Cool, my district used teams


how'd you create the car?

ChezCoder (1484)

remove the cursor with this:
it will hide the cursor :D

Bookie0 (3285)

Oh thanks for the solution, i will keep that in mind! ;)

techiepriyansh (1)

Or if you want to see a train go zoom, in your terminal type "sl" and press enter - choo choo!

Ps: You may need to install sl before doing this.

ZDev1 (366)

Lol, who was his teacher's Zoom guide? Me!

ZDev1 (366)

Sadly... In my country summer vacation will be in 13.7.2020 🤦‍♂️😢

Bookie0 (3285)

Oh that’s annoying @ZDev1

ZDev1 (366)

@Bookie0 They need to add some days, and the reason is COVID-19 >:(

awesome10 (212)

@ZDev1 for a second, i thought you ment the 13th month...


@Bookie0 Do you want to do a collab to make a game?

Bookie0 (3285)

Hey, sorry I don’t have much time this weeek, maybe later. But thanks anyways! @EDKTHEPRO

thenullified (144)

school is nowhere near over for me :(

Bookie0 (3285)

Oh that’s a pity. But it’s soon done, just wait! @starblazer



DynamicSquid (2673)

Wish I could zoom away from school