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Cailyn99 (40)

Here's my art portfolio website!

Cailyn (^o^)/

MrEconomical (2202)

Incredible job! Love both the design of the website and your artwork!

SilentShadowBla (537)

Quick spelling mistake it says "gallary" awesome work though! @Cailyn99

Cailyn99 (40)

@SilentShadowBla Thanks so much, I'll change that.

Cailyn99 (40)

@amasad Thank you so much! Honored by your kind words!

AdCharity (1270)

you have impressive style sense me crying in the background

DeBeast591 (134)

Awesome, if you use GitHub, then learn about GitHub pages. With that you can get a domain (for free and without watermarks!).

amasad (2493)

@DeBeast591 just curious -- what's wrong with hosting on DId you know you can link a custom domain?

AdCharity (1270)

@amasad haha btw I was wondering, is it possible to extend to other DNS records as well? A CNAME is kind of limiting (only works with sub domains)

AgastyaSandhuja (146)

@amasad is there a way to link multiple domains to the same repl?

DeBeast591 (134)

@amasad, you can but it cost money, with Pages, by default its "" but you can get a CNAME file for a custom name.

SixBeeps (2565)

Nice choice of font! Your site is really well-designed in general.

Warhawk947 (523)

wow! This is really good!

CodeSalvageON (529)

Like amasad said, very talented!

CodeSalvageON (529)

Nice! Compare this to some of my early websites, and [email protected], that's crazy.

Coder100 (4378)
@import url('');

Instead of @import, use the HTML <link> tag. Your website will load faster if the css file is very big because <link> is synchronous.
Nice work!

sketchbook is superior.
Cailyn99 (40)

@Coder100 Thank you so much! I will try this.

Coder100 (4378)

No problem!
What is google analytics for? @Cailyn99

Cailyn99 (40)

@Coder100 With google analytics you can see how many users you have.

Coder100 (4378)

Ah I see
Why not?

window.onload = () => {saveToDB()}