Announcing "Repl Customs"!!!
IreTheKID (373)

Announcing "Repl Customs"!

Repl Customs is a Flask project I'm working on right now, and I have big aspirations for it! Repl Customs is going to be a database of repl talk information that you can search through. This whole project will build on @mat1's repltalk Python Package. I hope to finish the first stage of this project by next week Friday, so look forward to it! :)

There's a demo of the website in the repl below, I would recommend opening a new tab to view it, or view it right here.

Update: The Google Analytics Object has been updated and now collects data in realtime!

Thanks! UwU

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IreTheKID (373)

@adityaru Ok, you can't join right now, but after I get the first stage complete, I'll be ready to open this up as a multi-person project. So... yeah, but not now.