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✈️Flighter✈️- Python Module
CoolJames1610 (619)

Hey guys, I finally uploaded my module Flighter to PyPi!

This module takes in a speed (in knots) and two ICAOs (codes for airports) and will tell you how long it will take you to get from ICAO1 to ICAO2

I got the .json file of a lot of airports here

I've already shared a project on this here so if you wanna check it out then you can :P

Here is the official Flighter module on the PyPi website

Here is the official Flighter module on GitHub

To add Flighter to your project, it is very easy.
Just do:

import Flighter

Now, because of how I have done things, it is much better to do this:

from Flighter import Flighter

You can add an as if you'd like :D

There are three commands you can use at the moment

  • .checkICAO(icao) - Checks whether the ICAO you inputted exists or not. If it does then it will also tell you the name of the airport and where it is situated in the world (country and city I think)

  • .checkFlight(name_of_plane, speed_of_plane_in_knots, departure_icao, arrival_icao) - Tells you the details of a flight from icao1 to icao2 at an average speed of the number you gave. The name of the plane doesn't have to exist irl xD

  • .help() - This will give you the other two commands and the parameters for them :P

I am very excited that I even did this LOL

Current version= 1.0.0

If you have any suggestions on what I could add, then please comment :P
I plan to add another command so that you can also search using the IATA codes (shouldn't be hard)

The repl attached is the source code for this project
Here you can see the module being used in action

Thanks :)