Severe Lack of Moderation
Zavexeon (1041)

If it is not obvious, has a severe lack of moderation. The talk boards are full of trolls and spammers and that quite frankly hurts the reputation of this otherwise lovely site.

I'm sure that the team is quite aware of this issue, but I have not noticed a decrease in troll posts and general spam. In fact, levels actually seem to be increasing.

My suggestion is to employ more staff. I'm sure there are many trustworthy members on who would voluntarily moderate That includes myself. Please, team, please increase moderation on talk.

This issue will not solve itself, and I am merely providing my opinion on a possible solution.

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Zavexeon (1041)

@amasad I'd happily help moderate replit. It'll certainly take a bit more than just me though.

And thank you for addressing the situation. I'm not trying to sound rash but it's just something that has personally been bothering me, and I'm sure others, for some time.