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area and perimeter of rectangle
DhruvNation (13)

thnx for this good platform

DhruvNation (13)

@Thecrowbar1234 thnx for asking the question.
By key i mean the keyboatd key do for area (a) & (p) for perimeter.i will modify my program and make it more clear.

ipastrano (238)

Great start, a few things that i would like to suggest though:

  • You can make it case sensitive by using the lower() or upper() functions
  • Instead of having the area or perimeter question last,you can do it first, its clearer that way
    Great job! This is really cool, and I encourage you to do more, it is a nice program :)
DhruvNation (13)

@ipastrano thnx for suggesting .plz keep on encouraging people like this.

ipastrano (238)

@DhruvNation You're welcome! Anytime, I'm here to help :)