Making Friends
bearbearmo (192)

Use the WASD keys to move up, left, down and right respectively. There is only one objective to the game, have all the colourful objects overlapping. Feel free to close the game or the browser, your current level will be saved to your computer - no need to do all of those levels again. If you want to restart from the first level click Full Reset button, if you want to retry the current level press F5 or click the Restart Level button. Please comment how far you get, if anyone manages to reach the end I'll make more levels. Good Luck

If you enjoy the game please upvote, also, as with many games Making Friends is not finished if you find any thing you think might be a bug or anything you might like to see added I'll do my best to fix/implement them. Thank you.

Edit -- with requests and recommendations i have added:
a slider to change the speed of the game;
golden coins/moneys/pounds to collect during the game (they're needed to progress from level to level;
automatic reset upon touching a black block

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Ov3R10rd (64)

@bearbearmo It is nothing really, it is just that the theme of the challenge is money, so I would add something about money.