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best chatroom on repl (probably) now with dark theme!!
rafrafraf (1365)

im 17 taking a level computing.

ive been working on this chatroom for just a few days now so it's not 100% done yet ofcourse.

the website is very responsive and works well on mobile as well as desktop.

the server is in python using the sanic library for requests.

you can join any room(provided you have the password if its locked) and talk to everyone in real time, and see who else is in each room.

you can create your own room, upload a background image for the room, name it and put a password on if you want to make it private.

HackermonDev (1989)

bruh why did you post it again?

DynamicSquid (4603)

Okay, this is actually so cool!

studentAlfredAl (442)

You should really make a way to delete inappropriate chats...

rafrafraf (1365)

@studentAlfredAl i know, its still early on and i just havent gotten to filtering yet, i will be adding it soon though

DarshanRajpara1 (13)

Can you add messages say things like
@JoeGeneric has left the chat?
and if someone is typing like
@JoeGeneric is typing...

rafrafraf (1365)

@DarshanRajpara1 im actually working on a big update in which it will say user is typing and user joined or left. It will also only request messages from today until you scroll up and click view more to get the older messages. And most importantly, sending images in chatrooms!

DarshanRajpara1 (13)

@rafrafraf oh ok, Thank you for making this!!

rafrafraf (1365)

@DarshanRajpara1 thanks for checking it out😊

TaishanDixon (2)

was this written in php?

rafrafraf (1365)

@TaishanDixon no php at all! Sadly i dont know it 😅

PowerCoder (734)

If you want to see al colors including hex and RGB colors using the /color command, insert this into the console.

function isColor (strColor) {
    return true;
rafrafraf (1365)

IMPORTANT: if youre on the index page and no rooms are showing up it just means the server is offline. Wait up to a minute for it to start up and all the rooms will show up :) thanks for checking it out everyone!

rafrafraf (1365)

Search bar now has functionality! :)