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virenchangela (12)

i created calculator please give me reply or comment


randomlylelo (21)

What exactly are you trying to do?


learn how to spell calculator

PythonLUA (2)

is this
my friend

PythonLUA (2)

@TrashBlash what is a claculator
i believe it is spelt "calculator"

jwangtcsyl (4)

Is January and April are part of your calculator?

ArmedWithStew (5)

It only prints january and april, is it supposed to?

no9boi (2)

All I see is January and this a flipping joke dude?

Vandesm14 (2219)

Lol I found the calculator part
(0/5 stars btw. false advertising is not coll bro)

Did you post the wrong repl?

TylerFlowers (4)

Um...I'm sorry, but what? Can you explain what the program is supposed to do?

Also, please edit it to fix the title.

ash15khng (656)

Nice, but needs more calculation functions. I assume you aren't done?