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click speed test
MrEconomical (2256)

Click Speed Test

See how fast you can click in 10 seconds!

Zachary007 (9)

17.20 cps
I use Glorious Model o-, with grip tape

Trapdoorspyder (102)

6.4 cps. Neat!
I wasn't using a mouse, though.

AdCharity (1345)

noice just a suggestion: add user-select: none to the css

AdCharity (1345)

@MrEconomical prevent u from highlighting everything when spam clicking with mouse

AdCharity (1345)

@MrEconomical also do u know when the hackathon goes live? I've been asking around to no avail.

ExcelInfinity (0)

What is your fastest speed ?

AdamZow (8)

Very nice program. I like how you tell the user their clicks per second afterward. I'm making a clicking game currently called SuperClick, but it isn't timed.

avibeskrowni (141)

desperately trying to get over 6 cps

your cps is: 5.9

this amuses me to no end