hi this is flappy bird but....3D!!!!
potatojs (819)


this is a 3D flappy bird you can use any key to play! this is something i just added so if you had any problemes tell me in the comments!


  • press any key or the mouse to play
  • edit 1:now the bground color is a variable and it's the first line in the script.js : 0 is black, 255 is white
  • edit 2:hi this is me from the future telling you that in my repl there is a smooth() function that makes the graphics better... if your PC is trash like mine you can comment the function using // in the start of the line to make the game less laggy
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MohamedSherif10 (0)

could you make the ball 3D so it fits with the pillars and could you add score but overall the game is awesome well done

potatojs (819)

thanks! yeah the ball is already 3D :) but you can't see that because there isn't shadowing in the ball, and i didn't add them the first time because i was an idiot, and now i don't want to fix it bc i'm sure i'll mix things up :)@MohamedSherif10