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double helix
mat1 (3296)

its a thing i made in 4 seconds
upvote for free happiness
ok thank you

DJWang (1204)

I upvoted where is my happiness

mat1 (3296)

@DJWang it should arrive within 2 hours to 200 years

DJWang (1204)

@mat1 Bruh I take away me upvote

DJWang (1204)

@mat1 It should come back within 2 hours to 200 years

JosephSanthosh (1097)

@DJWang Happiness is a delusion -- Happiness is a distraction

VivaanSa (27)

@JosephSanthosh well then why dont you find out?

nithilan4 (243)

upvoted give me happiness

ComputingSquid (26)

How does this thing not take up so much space

Wilke000 (486)

Me upvoted,


where my happiness?
ChezCoder (1501)

OwO how did i miss this

awesome10 (217)

the second one is a number sign not a hashtag also can the happiness be returned to amazon for a refund?

PYer (3401)

I copied this and made it look worse. This is already amazing lol. Can't believe I didn't upvote it earlier. Good Job!

ebest (639)

WOAH wait 60 upvotes?!?!?!
Next you have to add shadows. LOL


Vandesm14 (2323)

Doesn't seem to work

mat1 (3296)

@Vandesm14 Whoops, somehow the I in the word "import" yeeted itself.

Vandesm14 (2323)

@mat1 Whoa! Thats lit! Awesome work Mat!

TheImagin33r (29)

Thank you @mat1, very cool!

GrantKeo (81)

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a complicated thing. Until you made one in 4 seconds.
Great Job!

ebest (639)

@GrantKeo It's off because the colors aren't paired up.

ebest (639)

@GrantKeo LOL
I don't know if the colors are right either

trg5503 (3)

help I upvoted but didn't recieve my free happiness

mkhoi (286)

I did one too but less advance

Deacon_Cronin (67)

this would take me like 4 hours stop flexing

Deacon_Cronin (67)

@Deacon_Cronin does make me happy though :)

AquaMarine0421 (31)

I have bad memories with this creature, I ruined the science test about this