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double helix
mat1 (2520)

its a thing i made in 4 seconds
upvote for free happiness
ok thank you

ebest (574)

WOAH wait 60 upvotes?!?!?!
Next you have to add shadows. LOL


Vandesm14 (744)

Doesn't seem to work

mat1 (2520)

@Vandesm14 Whoops, somehow the I in the word "import" yeeted itself.

Vandesm14 (744)

@mat1 Whoa! Thats lit! Awesome work Mat!

TheImagin33r (21)

Thank you @mat1, very cool!

GrantKeo (56)

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a complicated thing. Until you made one in 4 seconds.
Great Job!

ebest (574)

@GrantKeo It's off because the colors aren't paired up.

ebest (574)

@GrantKeo LOL
I don't know if the colors are right either

trg5503 (3)

help I upvoted but didn't recieve my free happiness

mkhoi (200)

I did one too but less advance

Deacon_Cronin (56)

this would take me like 4 hours stop flexing

Deacon_Cronin (56)

@Deacon_Cronin does make me happy though :)

AquaMarine0421 (27)

I have bad memories with this creature, I ruined the science test about this

nithilan4 (47)

upvoted give me happiness