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dupl analytics - how to use our free web analytics service!
rafrafraf (1370)

dupl analytics documentation

(how to add dupl analytics to your page!)


Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, learn how to integrate with dupl analytics for privacy friendly analytics. No consent required from your visitors!

how to add our script

include this single line at the end of your <body>

<script src=''></script>

thats all! when thats done you can see your page's analytics at<yourpage.whatever>

Extra features

if you would like to include this element shown above that shows your total visits and links to your analytics page, follow these two steps:

  • add this div where you would like it to be on your page:
<div id='analytics'></div>
  • then add this call to our function to add the element. this function should be called after the div is created. (JavaScript). This could be added to your <body onload="showAnalytics()">

click here to see what dupl analytics is

here is a demo of our analytics service