easy database
TaylorLiang (551)

I will keep this up as long as I can and plan to update it every week.

I made a database for everybody to use:
How to use:

send a POST-request, with a dict like this: 
			'key'	:	'name',
			'data'	:	{'put data here'}
		and, to access it, send a GET-request, (x = 
		and use x['the key you want to use'], and you will get the data

@Zavexeon suggested rate limiting of 100 requests a second. There is now rate limiting

Update 0.1:
Because somebody has to spam everything, you can now only send 3000 bytes at a time.

Request 0.1:
What should I add?

Edit: Wow guys, very funny. you spammed the db. Wow. My ears hurt

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IzanLarumbe (31)

Kinda hard to use, why don't you make it more interactive? Maybe adding folders and being capable of uploading files and selecting their category, for example:

You upload a txt file and you can classify it as "text files" (a folder) then the users who join the freeDB can enter in that folder and look at all the text files uploaded

Also you could make another app called "SendDB" in python to make the requests from your own app.

FreeDB/Text Files/MyFile.txt


Basically its broken fix the code cuz i just dont know anything about fixing eof stuf..

TaylorLiang (551)

@IzanLarumbe You need to close the request parentheses
its not broken, that code is, so the thing has to be is:

import requests
requests.post(link, data = {
  'key'  :  'I am God',
  'data'  : 'Sup!'