easy database
TaylorLiang (625)

I will keep this up as long as I can and plan to update it every week.

I made a database for everybody to use:
How to use:

send a POST-request, with a dict like this: 
			'key'	:	'name',
			'data'	:	{'put data here'}
		and, to access it, send a GET-request, (x = 
		and use x['the key you want to use'], and you will get the data

@Zavexeon suggested rate limiting of 100 requests a second. There is now rate limiting

Update 0.1:
Because somebody has to spam everything, you can now only send 3000 bytes at a time.

Request 0.1:
What should I add?

Edit: Wow guys, very funny. you spammed the db. Wow. My ears hurt

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IzanLarumbe (31)

I accidentally took down the database, sorry

TaylorLiang (625)

@IzanLarumbe what did you do? Just curious
edit: its also not down
its works

IzanLarumbe (31)

I don't know, i sent a request using html in the data part, and when i went the repl re-started.


TaylorLiang (625)

@IzanLarumbe repls restart every 24 hours (@mrEconomical said so), so you dont have to worry