3D Blocky Jump--Make your own levels too!
426729 (159)

--TRY IT OUT at https://blocky-jump.426729.repl.co/
This game, Platformer Jump, is a game where you use WASD to reach the top of a level. Water is blue, lava is red, and you must touch the ceiling to win. You can make and share levels too! Check out other people's levels at /levels and make your own at /editor! Try out
https://blocky-jump.426729.repl.co/levels/Leaky_Sewer for a great example level!
Just a note, this game does not work properly in the little preview box that appears in Repl.it. It only works if you open it in a new tab.
This is a new post to replace the one for the 2d version of the game

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ebest (635)

@ebest Also, there are 2 levels that say this is impossible. I beat it. You have to jump at the very last moment.