Proxy in Python
minx28 (484)

I made a thing that acts like a proxy, in that it allows you to visit any website without any form of restrictions.

  • Most websites should display all images and styling
  • Relative links, and absolute links to the same site, will redirect through the proxy
  • You can also make post requests to sites (test by loading

In short, it works by showing you the HTML of the site you want.

I tried to make this as short as possible, and managed to compress it to a single line. Enjoy trying to read :P

Also, it doesn't appear to work in the preview below.

Upvote for vee freebucks!

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minx28 (484)

@ebest firstly, my spoonerism wouldn't work like that. Secondly, I have put that at the bottom of every single post I have made, and don't intend to change any of them. Thirdly, I don't really care, but thanks for the feedback - what do you think of the actual content of the post? 😉