ebest (618)

I'm making a Python chat server to mimic this one:
But that one does not work anymore.
Here's mine:
I still want to encrypt it though.
More features coming soon! (hopefully)
Use !commands to show all commands


V: 1
Added users, a few commands

V: 1.1
Added !colorc to change text color
Added !commands to show commands
Added admins

V: 1.2
Improving !who, fixed problem of having
who repeat at login the amount of times
!who's been called.

V: 1.3
fixed problem with all times from
messages before startup being condensed
so all times are the startup times

V: 1.4
Added new commands, added hidden
passwords with usernames.

V: 2.0
Added about 99 admin commands. Just ask for an account. I'll also need your credit card number, its expiration date, and the numbers on the back. And give me your email (Actually).

V: 3.0
Added a massive amount of user verification. Well, not a lot, but anyways...

V: 3.1
Yay! Added leave detection (THAT WORKS)


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rediar (239)

@ebest hey sorry, multiplayer crashed, it just said "this plugin crashed". Probably because chen tim is making some bugs right now