Excuse Generator
ElijahChen1 (138)

Very simple generator for excuses. Buggy but kind of funny
Every excuse has 4+ random words used

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eekboi (80)

@eekboi print("1.")
QuestionOne = int(input())
if QuestionOne == 1:
print("Name of thing")
thing = str(input())
Atestlist = ("Atest1" "Atest2" "Atest3" "Atest4" "Atest5" "Atest6" "Atest7" "Atest8" "Atest9" "Atest10")
Btestlist = ("Btest1" "Btest2" "Btest3" "Btest4" "Btest5" "Btest6" "Btest7" "btest8" "Btest9" "Btest10")
Atest = random.choice(Atestlist)
Btest = random.choice(Btestlist)
if QuestionOne == 1:
print("Number 15 burgerking foot lettuce", thing.upper(), "One", Atestlist.upper, "Two", Btestlist.upper)