Komil (9)

It's a simple calculator with few operators, please take a look and give me feedback on what I can do to shorten it (and run the same way it does with this coding) or ways to improve it (extra coding to make it efficient?)

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Komil (9)

@eighty Hey, no worries on the late reply!

I understood what global means, thanks :)

and I also understood what try: and except mean.

Honestly it means a lot because these things that I have learned from you will actually help me make more small fun programs, if anything I'll hit you up on, if possible could you give me your email so I can straight up email you codes or the python file or if you want privacy, I could give you my email so you can send me a message telling me its you.
If you want your email to be kept private it's all good too, I'll try to reach you from

Anyways thanks a lot!