Online 3D FPS, csgo based
pepelaugh (409)

A pretty scuffed version of CSGO for the browser, online.
App is live at:
Server is hosted on
Feel free to fork and make changes, i can see potential, like maybe you can make it Like minecraft. :D
[note you'll need a new server]

Edit: i noticed that people said the join button wasn't working. To solve this issue, enable Javascript in settings.

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pepelaugh (409)

@elipie This is made with 3d css transformations, and pure js.
If you want to make 3d games, either use Unity, Unreal, or godot.
And three js is for rendering, so you need to know some js first.
So if you want it browser based - ThreeJs.
Better Graphics, Better gameplay - use a game engine.