MaxDonalds: McDonalds Simulator
Nettakrim (393)

Have you ever wanted to go to McDonalds, But if you go outside your fragile vampire skin will burn?
Well Now You CAN!

MaxDonalds offers an authentic McDonalds experience
realistic ordering
realistic food
realistic prices - from the website
realistic realism, really!

Order your food, eat it and see how many points you got with over 20 different bonuses!
its easy, intuitive and simple so play MaxDonalds now!

use this link here to play

there are new updates!
MaxDonalds 4.0 Hellish Hunger
MaxDonalds 3.0 Randomized Resturant
MaxDonalds 2.0 Guzzle and Glow

NOTE: MaxDonalds is NOT responsible for ANY food related deaths, injuries or loss of toes, and is not affiliated with McDonalds

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AlexanderTarn (274)

error when you finish eating

I find the best strat is to clean teeth/season +toilet and then annihilate the food.

Nettakrim (393)

rip and yes
clean teeth is OP

Nettakrim (393)

fixed now
i accidentally used the same name for the points variable and the function to count up points