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ok, why do you people enjoy this?

am i using the src folder properly?

An IDE made completely in python. This took me some time to make, and how to
following features

  • Debugging
  • Saving your work
  • Running your code
  • Lexing
  • auto-suggest from history
  • Suggestion bar thing that shows the keywords (global keyword not included)

What ill be adding soon:

  • Function key inputs (press f1 for this or that)
  • Language support for more languages

Note: You have to add a new line to the end of your current line in order for it run/save the last line of your code. You also have to press control-c in order to go down into the menu

If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.
@bramley helped make the thing and did some bug testing.

update 0.0.7:

  • Runs on both linux and windows. (for windows, I will provide an EXE)
  • Support for raku/perl 6, although running it is broken. If you know how to fix, let me know.

update 0.0.8:

  • SH/bash files are now supported
  • Lexing now added for bash
  • Upcoming: Examples, and opening files, along with external python packages

update 0.0.9:

  • support for javascript / node.js (@PdanielY you requested this). It cannot be ran however
  • Lexing for javascript/node.js

Now accepting new languages. In order for a language to be added, it has to pass the following criteria:
1. Be able to be executed in the shell
2. Be able to run in the shell
python can be executed in the shell, by running a. exec(*insert commands*) or b. python insert file name here

also, maybe .bat file's coming soon

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ChezCoder (1582)

for python, true and false are lower case or it will cause an error. Changing your src.wordCompleter file from True and False in the python list to true and false.


@ChezCoder true and false in python are capitalized (the first letter)