Minecraft on Replit
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need I say more?
DISCLAIMER: It's a pain to log in and it's essentially unplayable due to the controls not working, but it actually runs ok on minimum settings. Hopefully future updates to the gfx here will allow it to work properly :))

EDIT: Yes, I know that shift doesn't work, and that you can't copy and paste your email in. Maybe try forking?

EDIT EDIT: it's for servers now cuz i accidentally redid the entire thing without forking
the original is here: https://repl.it/@SPQR/Minecraft

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techgeek680 (66)

from the comments your game looks amazing, but I cant reach it. did you delete it?

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@techgeek680 Sadly yes, I didn't have Hacker plan for a bit so I had to delete a bunch of things to make room for new repls. This was just a port of plain old Minecraft, though, nothing special here.

techgeek680 (66)

oh. Well I just found out how to upvote and I'm gonna do it! @SPQR