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██ Empty ██
mat1 (2878)


Empty is a philosophical game all about life.

No matter how hard you try to make something change, nothing will happen. Life is bleak and boring. Dark and scary. Strange and mystical.


Hovering over the run button will change it to be green, and joyful. Actually clicking the run button though, will change the text to say stop instead of run. This shows how life can change at any moment. Shortly after, you will notice how the text changes again to run. Life is short, so live it wisely.


Thank you to consciousness, for allowing me to think. Thanks to my body, for allowing me to share this post with others. Thank you to everyone, who play-tested my game and gave me feedback on what to change. But most importantly, thank you, for playing Empty. Be sure to upvote this post if you enjoyed the game, and leave a comment with suggestions! Thank you.

Praise for Empty

@a5rocks (Famous developer):

10/10 best game. This rating is completely unbiased.
This game made me reflect on my past, something not many games have done.

@nithilan4 (Has 13 cycles):


@Steven_The_GuyT (World class yo-er):


@Nanowrimoijk (is thatoneguy on discord):

wow totally changed my life playing this 🤣

@rediar (probably a greek philosopher or something)

This would impress any life long philosopher, and I nominate it for winning the game jam. It is a deep touching existential journey, exploring the mysteries of life. It makes you think, really think. Unlike most other games, it makes the player appreciate the beauty and majesty. The green is truly a subtle, but awe inspiring metaphor of how gray times can change for the good. The blackness represents how clueless we really are when it comes to what life really means, it’s ups and downs. For some it’s scary at times, for others, it is a curious thing. Even the name of the game is deeply touching, symbolizing the ultimate meaning.
This game is shaking to the core. It is a revolution for the gaming industry, and should win the game jam.

@Mooopy ( )

@ThatSmart (is smart)

Also this game is absolutely the best game I've played in years.

@nithilan4 (oops i slipped and fell)


@Cool_Boi_Freak (is a cool boy)

10/10 Would play again.

@leon332157 (forgot that the caps lock button exists)


@TheDrone7 (aka h aka the eighth letter of the alphabet)

Best game in the history of the Earth.
Keep up the good work.

@eankeen (not a furry)

At first, I thought there wasn't much too this game. However, after closer examination, I realized there is much more to this game. It's fully dynamic and has complete multiplayer support! I was surprised by that - it blew my expectations out of the water. I'm proud to say that the controls are responsive and it's running at 60 frames per second (FPS). With complete certainty, I can recommend this game to the casual gamer, or the hardcore professional player. Huge props to @mat1 for architecting this magnificent beauty.

@LehuyH (cool person)

This game the classic format of a game and blends it seamlessly with a philosophical narrative . This games develops a trust between players in a fashion I have never seen before. Without a tutorial, the player is immediately forced to materialize their own view on the simple, yet limitless void of white the game provides. I think this deep, thought-provoking and almost angelic style of game direction is something that has become so rare in today's oversaturated gaming environment. The gameplay is in one word: phenomenal. This game provides the player with a single button. The gameplay may seem simple, but can combined to create complex results.
When I discovered that right-clicking said button creates a list of more buttons, I was amazed. Honestly, I have only touched the tip of the iceberg, and I will have to keep diving into this game in order to truly understand it's depth.

@amasad (replit ceo man)

I never thought I'd cry playing a game. But this is different. After being on top of the world with my run button being green I was absolutely shattered. I was heartbroken and in disbelief. I lost all meaning. I was staring into the abyss.
I'm not sure if I'll ever recover but I have a feeling that what Empty takes Empty gives back. I'm holding hope that one day I'll see the deep wisdom and optimism hidden behind the darkness and nihilism on the surface.
Pray for me comrades. Pray for me.

Nice job scrolling all the way to the bottom, make sure you leave a comment and upvote and i'll add you to the list!

bgrubert (61)

This game looks really fun but unfortunately, the repl got excited every time I ran it.
Please upvote is this was helpful

mat1 (2878)

@bgrubert i don't know if you didn't get my joke or if i didn't get your joke

bgrubert (61)

@mat1 Oops... I was trying to do it in full screen, I should have read the instructions first

DJWang (437)

What kind of game is this?

epicman702 (57)

When I first played, I thought the game was trash. After reading the content tho, There was so much more! Life is mysterious and can open up to new things. So emotional

LuvvlyGITHUB (0)

My mind is absolutely blown. There is nothing in the world that can top this.

Ov3R10rd (56)

I... I don't... am I doing something wrong? What is the big deal? There is literally nothing there!

TheImagin33r (24)

is it just me or is nothing there. I dont see any code.

mat1 (2878)

@TheImagin33r Hmm that's weird. Did you try turning it off and on again, then reading the post description?

Twentyone21 (1)

Wow. Just wow. This game lets you see the meaning of life. It opened up a clear path for me. 10/10.

vedprad1 (828)

Well... this is quite sacrilegious.
Despite not breaking any syntax rules, this is the first program that I've found that breaks various ethical rules of programming. For example, the actual code that makes the run button work is not in, but instead in another file that manages.
Despite this unethical code, it is surprising how popular this program has become. In fact, it is appearing on every webpage that has the url format of[username]/[project]. I cannot believe the amount of support that the community is giving to this sacrilegious program.
All in all, there is just one thing left to say: SACRILEGIOUS!

AAnonymity (1)

@vedprad1 : I like that Ben Lee reference.

Reminds me of when AMAZING Vov Dylan took over Ben Lee, and then both of their dreams were shattered.

epicman702 (57)

Oh my gosh
so emotional

EthanJustice (63)

I'm ready for the sequel. I stared deep into the back of my head for this one, and I want some more.

MatthewDoan1 (234)

Ironically, this game made me FULL

of a feeling of emptiness.

CollinKunsman (96)

Umm...So, where's the code...?

mat1 (2878)

@CollinKunsman It's over there. Now it's over here. Now it's in your ear.

CollinKunsman (96)

@CollinKunsman I am SOOOO confused right now...

ash15khng (486)

Wow this was so deep, you have contributed greatly to the world of philosophy (I think).

mdjb4 (15)

This game sucks!

lsambrook (287)

Empty..... Empty is a word who fills stuff....Empty is everything...Empty is the life !

The Best philosopher game ever.

Mavrick (78)

Pfft! I could make that

lsambrook (287)

Hey I made a website, please go check it out and tell me some suggestions, ideas, or things to improve.:

mat1 (2878)

@lsambrook Please don't advertise.

PAULX (17)

respect, i not can write a code in 742 years and you do it in only one live.

Deacon_Cronin (60)

This is pretty gucci, my broski.

DJWang (437)

@mat1, Why is there no code in this? Couldn't anyone just make a new repl and call it "Empty?" Btw, if you are no longer a coder, why do you have a repl account? I thought you were a philosepher.

AquaMarine0421 (27)

I mean... you don't have any code...or anything...but it made me feel...what life's all about...

AquaMarine0421 (27)

unlike any other game...

AquaMarine0421 (27)

At first i did not understand... now... WOW

DJWang (437)

No offense, but where is the code?

mat1 (2878)

@DJWang Coding is overrated i'm a philosopher now