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██💎Empty 3: Endgame💎██
Mooopy (60)


There have been many generations of Empty before this one.
The legend begun with @mat1's infamous "Empty" and continuing on with none other than "Empty 2" (wow, what an original name) by @eankeen. However, I plan to finally end the saga with Empty 3: Endgame.

That's right, the ENDGAME. No, I did not steal this from Avengers, I haven't even heard of that before. This is the Endgame because it is truly the most ultimate of all Empty repls that have preceded it, and provides a much more empty experience.

Edwin, aka. eankeen, attempted to expose the lies of mat's "Empty" in his post, but that is not the empty way. He was showing anger and annoyance in his post, while what is truly required is simple emptiness and discipline. That is why I will abstain from condemning either of them, and simply explain why my Empty is the ultimate adaptation.

The Infinity Files

The six infinity files were created before the universe itself:

  •, giving the power of TensorFlow, data analysis, and the power to develop machine learning algorithms.
  • Power.js, boosting any plain HTML and CSS web page with immense power and abilities to do things that plain HTML/CSS would never in their lifetime be able to accomplish. It is the front of the frontend.
  • Reality.css, shaping reality and defining the color, boundaries, and senses that we experience in our everyday lives. Without reality.css, the world would be a dull void.
  • Soul.png, shaping all of our souls and giving us hope for the future. When you look at a meme that is in a .png format, you can't help but feel relieved and regain your hope in humanity.
  • Space.txt, which is an empty text file just like the void of space. Think of how much space can be saved by having an empty text file instead of text files with characters in them!
  • Time.csv, providing all of the data of the history of the universe and of time itself. Time is documented within .csv, making it a great file to hold the time stone.

The Power of the Files

I, Mooopy, plan to use these Infinity Files with my Infinity Repl to wipe out all input and create perfect emptiness, thus saving thousands of gigabytes in storage and allowing us to save our resources.
With the power of all the six stones, in combination with index.html, the gauntlet that binds them all together, I hit run repl.

... And what do you know? It's true emptiness. Nothing. A blank white canvas.
But wait! You may be thinking ... what about the output? Well, if you switch over to the console tab, there is also nothing there! Not even a line telling you the version of the language or anything!

And thus, thousands of EXABYTES of data can be spared and replaced with emptiness, which takes up almost nothing.
My work here is done.

ebest (554)

Yes. You do not know what Avengers infinity wars is.

Mavrick (77)

@ebest I know this has no relation to this post, but may I ask you a question or two?

Mavrick (77)

@ebest I've been trying to get servers to work and I've been using your pychat program as a reference. Are you the original creator of this? And if you are, could you please explain to me what the bloody crap I'm doing wrong on my own

ebest (554)

@Mavrick Alot of it was me but the main idea was forked from someone else. I understand it though.

I figured it out. You need to add bottle to the requirements and you defined the @route thing after you used it.
Here's a fixed version

Mavrick (77)

@ebest Your fixed version still doesn't work for me; I try connecting to it with my client and still nothing happens, and when I fork it and connect to that it also does not work.
I'm going to try to work with flask, and see if it works better

itbarsoum (37)

Infinity Files

Topic: Infinity Files

Idea: Empty 3: Endgame

Created the Infinity Files! Hope you enjoy, and if you do, don't forget to upvote!


It’s fake. It says Not sure way to do? Run some example (start typing to dismiss)

AquaMarine0421 (24)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL is not!! I clicked the "examples" and it normally appears on platforms lke C or C++ or others but this one saiz 'Sorry this language doesn't have any examples. We will add some in the future.'

mat1 (2272)

Nice (pls come back to discord)

Mooopy (60)

@mat1 the hardest choices require the strongest wills

Mooopy (60)

@mat1 okay in all seriousness mat, do you have a steam? we can talk there for the time being

mat1 (2272)

@Mooopy nope i used to use my sister's steam but then i forgot the password

ebest (554)

so the person with the soul stone was a png?

a5rocks (507)

In fact, it turns out half of all the storage on Earth can be saved... That's not a glass half full joke okay!

AquaMarine0421 (24)

Emptiness overwhelMing, Prettiness overTaken, You never fail to surprise me

ok it wasn't funny im sorry

eankeen (547)

Nice! However, I do prefer the prequel to the sequel of the sequel ;)

AquaMarine0421 (24)

@eankeen the sequel of the sequel... so it means yours haha

Murzikal (21)

truly breathtaking

KiKUP (39)

Wow, I never paid much attention to the posts before this, but I now see a certain power in the emptiness of a program. These files truly have the power you reinforce them with. Thank you.

Zavexeon (249)

Lol I had this similar idea to make a "web edition empty" but it felt cheap and unoriginal so I never did it.

But you added a nice spin to it with the Marvel references.

RoylatGnail (72)

Like the 4k support