Space Invaders
gameplayrawesom (103)
  • 'X' to shoot
  • Use left and right keys to move around.


This is a decent version of space invaders. You can play this without having to go into a scam website or buying another version of it.
Game includes:

  • Small Npc's that you try to shoot down
  • Your own spaceship

There will be:

  • Public leader boards
  • New spaceships
  • Harder aliens/levels
  • Probably Epic bosses


Also thanks to @HENRYMARTIN4 (My class buddy) for helping me learn how to code such epic projects. I hope to be a programmer when I grow up so I can show my epic skills to the world.
Upvote if you enjoy!


There will be more!

  • Game will also include saved data (so you can log in and out)
    Can I also get a Go Retro in the comments below? That would be AWESOME.

Edit 2

The game is way much more better on a large window check it out at:
Also I know there is a lot to work on but as soon as I have time I will work on the project hoping I can make the graphics better too!

Edit 3 + Fun Facts.

I copy and pasted this into google docs and it said this:
Words 6745
Characters 57758
But I don't know how many lines of code there is I did some quick calculations and it was somewhere between 700-800.
This project took me about a week to complete.

Edit 4

Okay so I've been working on this leader board thing all night now and I think I need some help. I know it sounds stupid and all but it would really Help me. Other wise I could make a file that is not for code and you guys could report to me (WITH PROOF) that you got a score to get you to the top five. I will definitely be working on the other projects though.

Edit 5

I hope you guys are staying safe out there you know with the coronavirus and all. Also thank you for all the upvotes!
Stay healthy!

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