meekell (18)

COVID-19 affects everyone - but different countries and different people need different precautions. Using machine learning and a bit of maths magic, we’ve modelled how the coronavirus might spread in your community.

As the virus infects your region, see if you can use tools such as social distancing or school closures to prevent the disease from spreading. However, be aware of how local factors such as transport coverage, public fear and the economy might affect the effectiveness of your actions. (Hint: timing according to metrics is important!)

We hope you enjoy trying out our team’s submission for Code Jam #9, and gain a better awareness of coronavirus prevention! Spread the word, not the virus.

Please allow location access for the best possible experience - we're trying to drive the point home (literally). Additionally, the API limits the number of requests per second, so please keep that in mind if there are many people playing at once!

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meekell (18)

@generationXcode @gliu20 We’re done! Thanks for everything you guys, this was an awesome project for an awesome team :D

Also thanks to @BolunThompson and @AzalAmer for your initial advice.

meekell (18)

@21natzil My team changed languages a few times so we actually submitted twice in the Google Form. Please view the first submission link (, thanks!