Typing Speed Test
CodingCactus (2124)

How fast can you type?

Find out using this test

How to use

A sentence is shown to you, you have to type in each letter correctly, if you get a letter wrong then you can't move on to the next until you get it correct.


Comment your top Words per Minute (WPM) and, at the end of next week (9th May) 12pm GMT, the person with the best WPM will get

2 Cycles!!!!

(and of course for such an amazing prize, you will need proof of your WPM)

Thanks to @xolyon as usual for their colour tutorial (here)

Any typos that are pointed out are greatly appreciated

Edit: Added some more sentences, and a variable to keep track of your high score.

Finally, upvote if you have fun!!

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AmazingMech2418 (488)

@MrEconomical Try beating this!

LOL! os.system("bash") and curl are awesome, aren't they?

PowerCoder (459)

@MrEconomical You are better than some typing champions click me They had a harder test though.

MrEconomical (2117)

@CodingCactus @PowerCoder Managed to improve my score a tad, actually tried this time ;)

MrEconomical (2117)

@CodingCactus also add "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"

CodingCactus (2124)

@MrEconomical I have no idea how your doing these, I can't comprehend that speed!!!

MrEconomical (2117)

@CodingCactus It doesn't really count as it's only one sentence, easy to burst. For a more accurate measure, I would recommend passages of from 2-3 sentences, but that can be for a future update

CodingCactus (2124)

@MrEconomical okay, I'll find some stuff tomorrow :)

DynamicSquid (943)

@CodingCactus wait, I just realized that you gained almost 700 cycles in 12 days! well done :)

HahaYes (153)

@MrEconomical Wait a sec is MrEconimical spelled right? huh