Password Generator
Cryptos100 (53)

This Repl is the most efficient password generator that is designed to help you stay protected online.

What does it do?

It generates a password from 16 to 32 characters long, depends on your wish.

32 characters is the most protective password that is designed to drop the percentages of you getting hacked by 60!

Though, 16 is half of the percentage of 32 characters, it is still designed to keep you safe. However, this will take half the time for you password to get cracked.

Stay safe online, friends!

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CodeLongAndPros (955)

This Repl is the most >>efficient<< password generator that is designed to help you stay protected online.

Here. You say it is the most efficient and yet it time.sleep(1)s for 'effect'

You also say 'hacked', when the correct term is 'cracked'.

I am a hacker. That is to say, I enjoy playing with computers — working with, learning about, and writing clever computer programs. I am not a cracker; I don't make a practice of breaking computer security.

There's nothing shameful about the hacking I do. But when I tell people I am a hacker, people think I'm admitting something naughty — because people misuse the word “hacker”, giving the impression that it means “security breaker” and nothing else.

If it sounds like I'm being 'toxic', I'm not trying to, but you just hit two of my pet peeves.

HahaYes (1048)

@CodeLongAndPros yes, they should read your "the media portrayal of linux"

Cryptos100 (53)

@CodeLongAndPros very epic way to expose me ;(

Cryptos100 (53)

@CodeLongAndPros says "hacker". aint hackers supposed to reveal themselves o_O

Cryptos100 (53)

@CodeLongAndPros Yes, yes. But I'm trying to explain to people who have no big brain like you.

HahaYes (1048)

@CodeLongAndPros yeah, anyways, I tried out Manjaro KDE, its awesome. Never would've gotten into linux if it weren't for you

CodeLongAndPros (955)

@old4trix Still.
In that case, objection #2 is not valid, but #1 is.

CodeLongAndPros (955)

@HahaYes Glad to help!

Super+. & alt-. is something to try in Kde.