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hi! this is a pixel art generator.. but guess what.. it's 3D!!!!!
potatojs (800)


Hi, i made a 3D pixel art generator! it's really simple!
choose a color and draw! you don't like what you drew? just clear it and redraw again!you won't to delete one pixel?easy use the erase tool! :)


a heart




a cool drawing from @DannyIsCoding

a house by @whackdab

a cool drawing by @Nettakrim

who else want to add him self?

DynamicSquid (3546)

this looks oddly familiar...

lol jk it's cool :)

potatojs (800)

yeah the idea comes from your project :)
[email protected]

whackdab (9)

not the best.... i wanna try tho. hehe

potatojs (800)

yeah you're right :)@whackdab

DannyIsCoding (662)

Awesome! I love that you choose the color with RGB. There is a great variation of colours so!

Here is the AWESOME GOOSE I made

who else want to add himself?

this maybe....

AgastyaSandhuja (154)

the masterpieces you always see in museums lol

ChezTacoz (335)

I madeth a hooman:

Also you really like making 3d things eh?

potatojs (800)

yeah my next project is also 3D :)@ChezTacoz
nice drawing by the way

firefish (507)

@ChezTacoz You need to learn old english

firefish (507)

@ChezTacoz Well, þou clearly doesn't. You are using the third-person singular present indicative instead of the first-person singular present indicative.

ChezTacoz (335)

@johnstev111 oh no we haveth beeneth exposedeth

potatojs (800)

do you think we are in an english class?? @johnstev111

firefish (507)

@potatojs bim rgR;S VW synv rgubf ri rubj

firefish (507)


ChezTacoz (335)

@johnstev111 hrurfuq23ougeuoq32gt8ogp0a8er8po

firefish (507)

@ChezTacoz Oh, I see what I was doing. I kept hitting the key to the left of the one I meant to hit. I'm using the QWERTY keyboard. canyou decode the massages?

ChezTacoz (335)

@johnstev111 I'm confused because u are talking giberish

Nettakrim (388)

make it so you can rotate the camera with middle click

potatojs (800)

don't worry, i'm working on a better version that contains the full controle on the camera :)@Nettakrim

ChezCoder (1497)

I uhh made my profile picture

i swear, plz dont judge it took me a long time

CodingRobot12 (186)

I tried to make my profile picture and this is how it turned out:

CodingRobot12 (186)

Yeah not the best compared to the 2D version but still this project is cool @potatojs

CodingRobot12 (186)

oh yeah i think you cropped part of the profile away because the blue and orange each only have 1 diagonal not like 7 but still thanks for sharing my profile creation @potatojs

potatojs (800)

yes your profile pct is quite hard to make in this kind of project:)@CodingRobot12

CodingRobot12 (186)

yeah true it doesn't look too good @potatojs