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hi this is flappy bird but....3D!!!!
potatojs (820)


this is a 3D flappy bird you can use any key to play! this is something i just added so if you had any problemes tell me in the comments!


  • press any key or the mouse to play
  • edit 1:now the bground color is a variable and it's the first line in the script.js : 0 is black, 255 is white
  • edit 2:hi this is me from the future telling you that in my repl there is a smooth() function that makes the graphics better... if your PC is trash like mine you can comment the function using // in the start of the line to make the game less laggy
OldWizard209 (985)

this is coool but if the speed would be slower it would be even better than it already is.
Great job @potatojs

potatojs (820)

thanks :)
ehh this project is SO OLD changing it now is useless i'm gonna another one :D

Gabby8C0des8 (26)

@potatojs are you gonna do scores???

potatojs (820)

lol i don't thing so ;)
sorry :(

Daniel3210 (18)


It bounces a bit too much

potatojs (820)

lol i can't do @Daniel3210 anything about this


really good, but add a score

lthon09 (6)

i think you should add a score counter and we can see our own scores :)

angelicas1855 (2)

I got no idea how to play this game :'(

potatojs (820)

you can click the mouse
use space
literally any key in the key board will [email protected]


Cool! Now I know how much I suck at flappy bird..🐤

potatojs (820)

what ever the level of.. suckity? you achieved i'm worse :)


@potatojs Haha, I can barely even get past the third obstical

whackdab (9)

i got 31 as a high score

Reydialarmsaw (3)

Dude you made a great game. Keep on coding!

pythonorguser (12)

If you use the function keys to jump then it behaves stangely (except for f5)

MohamedSherif10 (0)

could you make the ball 3D so it fits with the pillars and could you add score but overall the game is awesome well done

potatojs (820)

thanks! yeah the ball is already 3D :) but you can't see that because there isn't shadowing in the ball, and i didn't add them the first time because i was an idiot, and now i don't want to fix it bc i'm sure i'll mix things up :)@MohamedSherif10

SixBeeps (4773)

This is pretty well done! Although, I would have made the flapping only run on a KeyDown event so that you can't hold the button to go up.

potatojs (820)

no it's good like that :)@SixBeeps

SixBeeps (4773)

@potatojs Idk, just a preference, just like how it was in the original :)

Highwayman (1459)

noice I played this for too long lol XD

kbfton (15)

That's cool! But can you add points?

potatojs (820)

i already try it a couple of time but i failed epicly:)
[email protected]

F0XB0I (1)

Absolutely incredible! It would be amazing if you added a score system! Love this though!

potatojs (820)

thanks!but trust me i tried but it's so hard :(@F0XB0I

F0XB0I (1)

Ah, it's alright! At least you've tried :) It's amazing as it is! @potatojs

AphixDev (216)

I like how the ball squishes when you bounce it, so satisfying

soham74 (9)

hands down the best repl game ive played

EmmaGove (7)

I love it!! I was wondering if you can make the drop a tiny bit slower you don't have to I just think it would make it a tiny bit better thx again for this game :)

potatojs (820)

you mean the gravity? i can make it a variable because to many persons likes the way it is right [email protected]
edit: now it's a var! so you can change it if you want it's the second one in the script .js file!

Raniconduh (17)

I think you could easily add a space bar to jump functionality by saying if (mouseIsPressed || keycode === 32) {//code }

H1ddenH4wkeye (1)

really gr8 but could b better (not by alot)

popichu (0)

Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST THING