Alpha 1.0 for Desktop is Released!!!
Purple01Flame (30)

It finally upgraded from Pre-Alpha 1.5 to Alpha 1.0!!! Yeah WOOHOO! GET DUNKED ON BIII- anyway. I've added a crap ton of new features since I first shared it.

Updates ~

Volume Sliders
Seasonal Background and Color Theme Change
Verse / Quote of the week
Daily / Weekly changes
Change in Music
COVID19 update now redirects to Google Page
Added a Socializing / Messaging Area
Added Refined Popups
Mobile Warning Button only seen on Mobile
If on Mobile, Text Changes to suit Screen Size

Warning: Not Yet Fully Suitable for Mobile


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TheForArkLD (252)

hmm what is this?
( and do you like Kimetsu No Yaeba?
I am japanese probably you like it )