CoronaJam JAM #9
TheDrone7 (1431)

CoronaJam - A game

About the game

This is a game developed by me along with @Lilykhan using python's django framework in the backend. The frontend is VanillaJS, VanillaCSS and HTML. Phaser 3 was used as the game framework.
The game teaches you about the various ways to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 ( corona ) virus.


It requires you to have a physical keyboard.

Also, you need to have a browser which allows running JS and Canvas. Be sure to visit the https:// link and you won't encounter any ads so you can disable your ad blocker as well.

Links (It is very important that you visit these exact same links)

The home page of the website is

Play the game at (be sure to open in a new tab and not the embed).

In case you don't have a physical keyboard, you can still access a quick overview at or just the home page where we have also provided a link to a live interactive tracker.

Any sort of constructive feedback is appreciated. Enjoy the game and thank you for playing it.

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TheDrone7 (1431)

The first level is actually the tutorial for how to play the game. Check it out. @Iliya456