Countdown - A stressful "Defuse the bomb" game
CatR3kd (419)

Hey guys!

Thank you for clicking on my little project!
In this game, you have to figure out the 4-Digit code to defuse the bomb before you run out of time. Please consider upvoting!

  • CatR3kd <3
    P.S. Please no spoilers in chat! The code changes every time!

Countdown - A stressful game

In countdown, you have to find all four digits of the only code to defuse the bomb, before you run out of time! This is the first level of hopefully many to come, and only beta version. Enjoy! Also, check out a cool project my friend made!


The full game is now out!

Go to this link to play it!

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MaxLipkin (0)

i dont get it at all

CatR3kd (419)

lol you have to find the code. It's hidden throughout the page @MaxLipkin

MaxLipkin (0)

@CatR3kd like just in the game screen or in the code too?

CatR3kd (419)

Game screen only! (I mean, I guess you could find the answers in the code, but you're not really supposed to) @MaxLipkin

MaxLipkin (0)

@CatR3kd it doesn't make sense how i need more information