A very simple game - Lucky Sevens
Heypeoples2 (13)

Hi guys! This is my first time posting a game, and I really hope I put this in the right page. This game is where you test your luck. Try to get 3 sevens in a row, and you will turn super lucky! Anyways, I was really bored and fooled around with this. This is a really easy game to make, I know. If anything's wrong, notify me. I might be posting more complicated things in the future, but for now, this is it.

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DJWang (1150)

@Rylie04 You should send screenshots for proof. "Look, I got 777!"

Heypeoples2 (13)

@DJWang Hmm.... I didn't say I needed proof, and this game isn't viewed as much. But like, I didn't even figure out how to post screenshots... wait... I think I might've figured it out, but won't be taking screenshots and posting them anytime soon! :/