Mobile Clicker
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Mobile Clicker

So one day I was at the dentist and I was waiting for my appointment. Then I was like, "hey what if I coded something on my iPad?" And then I was like well the only thing I can make is a clicker basically. So I made this. Then I forgot about it. Then I discovered it again. So here it is! Enjoy!

Hi I'm Bill Cipher

Fun Fact: I created surviv3 on an iPad at a Science Fair

Have a great day!


Special thanks to @JDOG787 @CodingCactus @CodeSalvageON for exploiting the game and playing it while I was coding


The game now has more items and will have much longer gameplay!

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firefish (510)

@Warhawk947 I think you should be focused on the fact that a massive yellow triangle is staring at you

firefish (510)

@Coder100 I actually got scared when the massive triangle popped up. genuinely was.

firefish (510)

@Coder100 Did I say dimboost? I meant dimrift, confusing this with AD...

firefish (510)

@Coder100 LOL this is literally my broadband speed, 350 kilobits/s: