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BobTheTomatoPie (989)


You can generate excuses and other stuff.

Pie Clicker

I also put pie clicker on this



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johnstev111 (257)

@mathiasaboye LOL wut? I got I need to piss on my parents but this is gold

DynamicSquid (2250)

@mathiasaboye that's an interesting family you got there...

johnstev111 (257)

@DynamicSquid I got one that said I had to piss on my dad and my family WERE COUNTING ON IT. I would never do such a thing

BobTheTomatoPie (989)

lol, your teacher might excuse you from class if you use that excuse tho @johnstev111

johnstev111 (257)

@BobTheTomatoPie Pf... I wouldn't say that to him