#WEEKLY 13-To Do List
oignons (324)

Hellooo my lovely replers! Today I present you...

My Weekly Challenge!


  • Delete and add things to do
  • Clean and pretty user interface
  • Simple usage

How to use

  • Add what you want to do in the top input bar.
  • Click "Submit" to confirm.
  • Delete by typing index in the smaller input bar(the index is on the left of the thing to do)
  • Click "delete" to confirm.

Also, I learned HTML/CSS/JS like a month ago, so please forgive any bad programming practices and tell me what they are-I'm open to learning!


Thank you so much for looking at my project. If you liked it, an upvote is greatly appreciated. Also, you can comment any suggestions down below, I may repost this with your suggestions if there are quite a few good ones.


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MarcusWeinberger (678)

Looks very modern! Maybe you could use some JavaScript to store the user's todo list in their browser's localStorage so it saves.

oignons (324)

@MarcusWeinberger I'm new to js, but I'll look into it. I've gotten a lot of suggestions, I may repost when weekly is done with everything.

oignons (324)

@MarcusWeinberger Also, don't forget to upvote!

johndo3 (19)

@oignons I can hook u up with a database
this is good even without the database tho

oignons (324)

@johndo3 Hi, thanks. A lot of people have said to use a database, so I'll add that later. I'm curious, could repl DB work?

johndo3 (19)

@oignons yes, but I know another way that I used in my programs
(you will need a google account, on second thought you probably have one)

johndo3 (19)

@johndo3 it actually depends on the language, and how much space you need

oignons (324)

@johndo3 Ok, I'll look into it and write some stuff.