[GAME] Game Dev Simulator
Viaticboss19 (138)

Roughly 500 lines of codes, and many hours of code later, Game Dev Simulator is complete.
The Game gives you an overview of how to play so an explanation is not needed. Have fun, and start the game company of your dreams!

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Duvangamer3845 (69)

i founded the @potatojs company, im rich and the 50% of the stonks go to potatos

LTI2 (61)

haha who needs that they need this:

and this:
@Duvangamer3845 @potatojs

potatojs (747)

holly ****
how you did that that is a gazillion better than my company

Duvangamer3845 (69)

@LTI2 copied, that is my games, i demnand you

firefish (408)

@Duvangamer3845 I do love how potato adventure 13 is made is 175 millenia time