🔥 [GAME] Play this Awesome Sliders Game!! 🔥
rjlevy (218)

Hey everyone! This Sliders brain-teaser game took me a week to code from scratch using only vanilla JS and CSS. It's really simple and fun to play - just read the instructions below. I challenge you to beat the highest score from the Leader Board! 😄

👉 Sliders 👈

Features 💡

  • Mobile friendly
  • Includes Help section
  • Initializing sequence to randomize game
  • Made purely with Vanilla JavaScript and CSS; no front-end frameworks or libraries like React, Vue etc...
  • Leader board scores saved on the back-end with Google Firebase
  • Many thanks to @yevbar (Yev Barkalov) for this Firebase tutorial and to @Jp2323 (Jorge P) for this Firebase repl

Instructions 🛠

  • Choose the game size: 3x3, 4x4 etc...
  • Slide pieces into the empty space from above, below or the side
  • Position numbers in the correct order in the fewest possible moves
  • Each move reduces the total score by 1
  • Pieces turn green when in the correct position
  • When all the pieces are correct you can add your score to the Leader Board

Links 🔗

Demo 🏁

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JosephSanthosh (1063)

I got this score without even touching a single tile!

fuzzyastrocat (232)

@JosephSanthosh That's because the scoring system works backward — i.e, the more tiles you move, the lower your score. It's like playing golf by starting with a score of 10, and on each stroke you subtract one point. The idea is that you only really have the score once you solve the puzzle.

JosephSanthosh (1063)

WTH!!!! I've been doing the opposite the whole time!!!


fuzzyastrocat (232)

@JosephSanthosh Okay, maybe my golf reference was confusing— you do want a high score. It's just that your score doesn't count until you complete the whole game.