Text Based Python IDE
UniqueOstrich18 (257)

This is a Python IDE made using python. It combines a text editor, and a code executor. It is completely text based, with no GUI.


  • Code executor
  • Movable text cursor
  • Load and save functions
  • Package installer

How to use

Switching modes

  • Control + D to run code
  • Control + A to install a package
  • Control + E to save
  • Control + F to load program
  • Control + B to clear edit mode

Edit mode

  • Type text into the box
  • Arrow keys to move cursor
  • General text editor controls are implemented
  • Your cursor is the | character

Package install mode

  • Enter package names, separated by spaces
  • Example: pip install requests bs4
  • The package will install after you hit enter

Other modes

  • Save: enter file name to save to
  • Load: enter file name to load (example programs included)
  • New: clears text in edit mode


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JosephSanthosh (1063)

You may want to fix this first!

UniqueOstrich18 (257)

@JosephSanthosh I don't know what you're talking about. I already have the package installed

JosephSanthosh (1063)

You imported it, but there is no module named readchar. Try deleting the space between the comma and readchar on line 1. @UniqueOstrich18

UniqueOstrich18 (257)

@JosephSanthosh i don't know why you have problems running it, since readchar is a module and i'm importing it properly

JosephSanthosh (1063)

How does it look like when you run it? @UniqueOstrich18

JosephSanthosh (1063)

Oh, so you have to open it in a new tab, you might want to mention that in the description above. @UniqueOstrich18

JosephSanthosh (1063)

It’s pretty good, however is the IDE for python or another language? @UniqueOstrich18

UniqueOstrich18 (257)

@JosephSanthosh Python. It says it in the title.

JosephSanthosh (1063)

Oh, cause when I try this:


the result is an error. @UniqueOstrich18

JosephSanthosh (1063)

nvm my bad this is really good though. you deserve a lot more attention. @UniqueOstrich18

UniqueOstrich18 (257)

@JosephSanthosh Yea. idk why this only has like 3 upvotes

JosephSanthosh (1063)

What you should do is add color and make this a little more different than it is rn and upload it again. That is not re-listing. @UniqueOstrich18