Minecraft I Guess
greenbean765 (60)

It's a sort of minecraft-like game. read the comments at the top of the code for the controls. you can save the game, but you might need to fork it to come back later. you need to press enter after making inputs, as it is ascii-based

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mdjb4 (17)

it's not great.

hayaodeh (188)

@mdjb4 The effort of building and sharing is always appreciated.

greenbean765 (60)

@mdjb4 I didn't create it for the competition, it's just a hobby project. I just submitted it to the competition because why not

katyadee (1233)

@greenbean765 I think it's pretty cool. It's definitely ambitious, but what's wrong with trying? I like it :)

greenbean765 (60)

@KatyaDelaney I'm starting a pygame version of MIG