OS in html on repl.it!
windows98 (88)

Simple OS (Sorta just a fancy webpage.)

Simple os is here! And was made like sorta android.

Upvote if you like and 😊 enjoy!

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roylatgnail (842)

ive come back from the grave to say this is bad
This isnt a real OS. Its a webpage

BobNeo (34)

@roylatgnail That’s just being rude! How would you like it if you spent time on something and somebody says it’s bad. Also, I’m pretty sure that breaks the rules, hating on people’s projects.

windows98 (88)

Thank you 🙏, @BobNeo I’ve never really posted on repl.it talk that much, and I just doing it now because of Corona

roylatgnail (842)

@BobNeo its not an OS, its a webpage

TheDrone7 (934)

@roylatgnail I think you're unaware of the term "Internet OS". Also, they quite literally said it in their post's content. The comments section is for constrictive criticism and feedback or suggestions. Not for hate speech.

windows98 (88)

Thank you,@TheDrone7

sugarfi (486)

@roylatgnail did you die or something

ebp11 (8)

@sugarfi , he just stopped using the account.