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java [state and Deep Artificial Intelligence explained]
InfinityTheMind (8)

This is simple java ai to accept input and shows an idea or concept on how we can make firing of neurons possible in any programming language.
this is written in java which is not at all compatable with ai and stuff .
But my main concept is to create a new idea for making things work.
it is based on my own method .
whenever a command is made it not only receives but from this information it gathers a state information , then another command and in this way it gathers idea of changing states[basically im reffering to mood] and therefore start add points to each state and collectively I can also design another state processing class and then everthying is solved .with multiple interactions threading and matrix I can create the worlds best ai .
stop laughing at me , please im innocent.

SardorbekOmonku (0)

I think there is a better way of making this possible. I do not know how but I think there is.