700 Cycle Special
DynamicSquid (4531)

This was way harder than I thought.

So for my 700 cycles special, I thought I'd making something like @CodingCactus 500 cycle special, but just with a little more story too it.

Well that was a mistake.

Turns out, text based games are not my thing, and this is probably the last time I make one. They're repetitive, and hard to test. I actually had to remove some parts cause it took too long.

Anyway, good news. 700 cycles!! At the start of the week, I only had 500, so thanks to all who upvoted my stuff!

Upcoming projects (in order):

  • Pacman (in 2 weeks, hopefully)
  • Space Invaders (2 weeks after Pacman)
  • My Own Run & Gun Game (2 weeks after Space Invaders)

Hmm... I like making arcade games! Might just do that next time instead of a text based game.

And I'll try to release something every week. If it's not one of those three arcade games, I'll figure something out.


Well, back to this game. It's about collected squids. You travel through different biomes collecting squids, and you can fight with them to. Buy bait from the shop if you run out, and explore new biomes to collect squids along the way.

Oh, and in the last biome, I turned all you guys into Squids (well, the ones who commented on this post at least). Uh... so, don't be surprised if you caught yourself.

Well, enjoy!

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DynamicSquid (4531)

@johnstev111 Oh, I see what's going on now. Thanks for pointing that out! It should be fixed now though. Thanks!