TP Exchange (JAM #9)
kaldisberzins (292)

TP Exchange

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TP Exchange is a web app built to help people in places with supermarkets that are empty of necessary items. It allows those in need to submit a request for the supplies they are missing and those who have hoarded to fulfill that request. The idea is that the givers make a box of supplies that they have spare and leave it out someplace. They make a post on TP Exchange, marking the exact location they put the item on the map. They then describe the contents and upload an image of the place where they put the box. People can then see that there is a supply box in their area and can go and get supplies from there. Then they can post what they took in the app and it will update real-time for everyone.


Drag on the map to pan around
Scroll to zoom
Click on the icons to open their descriptions

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