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⌨️ Hacker Typer 💥
mat1 (2867)

Type random things into the terminal and become a master hacker by using this program. It even has syntax highlighting, using my project I published yesterday.

Please upvote for m45t3r h4ck1ng skillz

Heypeoples2 (12)

This is awesome! Oh wow, this is even more complicated than what I can ever do. I bet my friend can understand this, but I can't even- nevermind but wow, awesome, and how awesome is this website!??!

NihalAnand (12)

I'm convinced black magic was involved in the making of this.

LoneAce (212)

You are legit a genius man

DylanDen (0)

@mat1 this is confusing i need help understanding

DJWang (361)

Sorry. But you are kinda ripping off the website Still awesome!

mat1 (2867)

@DJWang Yeah, I was inspired by that website. I didn't like how they didn't highlight the syntax though, so I added that to mine.

DJWang (361)

@mat1 Cool! You are talking to your number 1 fan right now!

kingretracted (14)

Thats really nice! How do you do that?

ebest (596)

Hey @mat1 Try holding down enter key and see what happens. Is that an easter egg or something?

mat1 (2867)

@ebest It's not a bug, it's a feature!

ebest (596)

@mat1 That's what I thought.
SHORT SELLING SHORT SELLING UGG can you test it? right now I don't have discord.


SaptarshiHalder (39)

@ebest It works on holding down any 'valid' key in the keyboard.

SamuelWaller1 (0)

I was trying to figure out where it was getting the code from,then I realized it was printing itself! Brilliant!

GrantKeo (79)

LOL if only this program could actually make all my programs for me. Awesome!

amasad (1832)

Awesome! I like how it's highlighted in the terminal

MazeW (0)

Pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

Gamedev455 (0)

That's cool reminds me of a website, can't remember the name

mat1 (2867)

@Gamedev455 Yeah, there's a website called which inspired me, but it doesn't have epic syntax highlighting.

8D_Joe_Efretuei (26)

Got my vote, Those hacks are hot!