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Hi! I am now making a cool new upgrade on my COVID-19 test to make it more understandable. We need people who can understand the dangers of this terrible pandemic. If you think you/other family member has the possibility of having COVID, try my test!

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FrenchBoi12755 (2)

@kingretracted You're partially right and wrong. First, some of these symptoms are similar to those of COVID-19 like runny nose and coughing, but there is no such thing as the springtime flu. And the main symptoms of influenza are fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches, and fatigue.
And COVID-19 may cause complications. It's not COVID that you die of. You die of the complications, like pneumonia and severe lung damage. But soon, I'll add a question that asks if there are any complications. Thanks for the feedback! I won't forget to put that into the update! FrenchBoi12755